Friday, December 9, 2016

Winter Time

Looking out watching the snowfall during the Winter months was always a thing I loved doing the Winter months as the intensity of the bluey-white snow was just so intoxicating, as you saw it fall mounds that later on you would make into snowmen or have playful  snowball fights with.
Sharing the magic of the season, learning to embrace it's possibilities when suitably attired (snow pants anyone?) the zest for a positive approach for life can be nurtured.

Monday, December 5, 2016

The "Barney" Mysteries

The old adage "You can't but a good book down would seem to apply around these parts of late  as some more new to me books by Enid Blyton arrived recently.

These copies are actually editions from the very early nineteen-seventies where while still in hardback form they have been cheapened by printing the frontspiece and spine direct to the jacket and missing off the rear of what would of been the back of the paper dust jacket the original hardbacks had.
 There are six novels in this series of mystery adventures that feature Rodger and Diana Lynton and their cousin Peter, ophaned, who goes under the name "Subby" in the series and his dog Laddie who are also joined by Barney an motherless circus boy who has been on a quest to find his absent father and who has a money called Miranda.
The "Barney Mysteries" is the title these usually are grouped under although some use "R Mysteries" with the "R" coming from the R in the names of all the titles.
The children visit sleepy villages and seaside towns that it transpires are riddled with intregue and it's that they look into.
One of the strengths of this series is the stories are full of atmosphere and good humour, the strong characterization making for much more depth  than most of her work and more sophisticated language that made it the only series Enid herself recommended just for those of eleven years and upward.

Friday, December 2, 2016

The nom time of the year

Yes it's getting to that time of the year and guess what? I didn't have to get mine this year because Mommy bought it me!
 With the help of the Secret Life of Pets, I can count down the days toward Christmas while noming on small squares of milk chocolate.
Don't ask what Marmalade, the original "fat cat" may make of it!
In other news, our community Christmas Tree is up, ready for it's inaugural switching on and carol singing.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Chilling little style V - A change of colour and intergration

Sometimes it can seem with this life you can easily end up a load of clothes that don't slot into the non-littles world but with a bit of care you can find ways around of this.
First off and subject to some delays with the Royal Mail is a maroon sweatshirt with a rounded top which was available from a well know ebay school wear supplier even in 'adult' sizes although it is school wear and is clearly  branded on the tab inside as such.
It can easily be worn with black or beige pants or a slightly more adult skirt outside of being a part of uniform with no one being the wiser.

One reason for buying was I have a few sweatshirts in need of replacement and I do wish to merge my wardrobe.
This wine coloured pleated skirt has a similar story being also from a school wear supplier but isn't so far removed from what you may wear in some working environments being supplied by work wear companies for offices except where girls may of worn knee length socks, adults generally would wear hose (Brit speak: Tights) usually with plain blouse.
Putting the two together and adding the long socks either white or grey makes for a school/college uniform for when I'm at home or away with friends.

Friday, November 25, 2016 R.I.P?

It was with some shock to find on Friday last an activity that had been a part of my internet life for a long time just wasn't available outside of the other business talked about elsewhere and still isn't available as I type this.
For almost as long as this blog has been going, was the first port of call not just for The Game but also things such as the busy forum where by design discussions were never 18+ which suited me as most adult conversations go over my head and don't really fit in my life, offered wallpaper and screen-savers.
They also has something I just adored, a oh so kawaii email with customization of the domains for whatever sanriotown character you liked  which for me meant I had a me email address that linked directly to things such as ecards you could people at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas plus  cute stamps that you could apply to your emails too just as if they were actually letters sent between friends.
 On Friday I couldn't access the email account and found it was due to the Security Certificate being out of date but a week on it hasn't been changed. Many people had written on the forum about this, had even tried to email from other accounts the sites Service people only to get a auto responder and even the official twitter wasn't being replied to.
This morning in a email I accessed minutes ago they're saying it's due to a combination of system and server upgrades plus other other technical issues adding they don't have a estimated time for the work to be complete.
Looking around the signing up button was missing and people had been complaining you couldn't download the Game  from the site even but only from a independent download site that to me suggested this obviously was the last version developed in 2012.
I also noticed the number of the other features had been really trimmed back or missing.
All this was on top of last Decembers much publicized hacking of the sites database which impacted all of us.
The overall impression is that and Hello Kitty Online is for all intents and purposes dead joining other sites we used such as experience project, friends reunited, beststuff and the GeoCities blogging platform in the internet graveyard.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Rolling Stones on CD

This really is a kind of a follow on from the Rolling Stones in Mono cd entry from October where I talk a little about some of the other recordings on cd by them I have.
I'll ignore anything that is duplicated with that box set as they are off the shelf and in a storage box and start by saying the first main set of  "Decca era"cds by them I bought were the 2002 sacd playable on regular players to ones which came in a digi-pak packaging.

12x5 -six of the 12 songs here are in stereo as they were only mixed to stereo.
Rolling Stones, Now - Heart of Stone  and two others in stereo
December's Children - Look What You've Done in stereo

Between The Buttons (UK) - whole UK version of the album in stereo. The original cd version was US version missing two tracks.
Flowers - whole album in stereo
Beggars Banquet - whole album in stereo
Hot Rocks - has a number of singles in stereo including Paint It, Black
More Hot Rocks - I Just Can't Be Satisfied and Child Of The Moon in stereo
The London Years - complete UK/US mainly mono  singles set with extensive notes.
The original European cd series from the 1980's wasn't one I collected in full but a good number remain preferable or tie in different areas compared to the 2002's.

Aftermath - The whole album in wide stereo with no overuse of noise suppression issued in 1985
Flowers - Has the 'correct' full stereo Ruby Tuesday mix and sounds more open.
Their Satanic Majesties Request - Whole album in stereo
Let It Bleed - Whole album in stereo.Trades extreme low notes of the 2002 for openness
Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out - a overdubbed by enjoyable set of concerts from New York's Madison Square Gardens in late November 1969.

Rolled Gold Plus:

This was a short-lived November 2007 expanded  two cd reissue of the groundbreaking 1975 double lp presenting in near complete chronological order hit sides of their 45's plus notable album tracks that is more satisfying as a listen than the Hot Rocks sets. The album art is a mess, the sleeve notes are very centred on the 90's but this is a extremely intelligently compiled compilation.

The Rolling Stones Records era (1971 - to date)
Unlike the Decca era these recordings are owned by the Rolling Stones themselves who lease it to labels over fixed terms and on cd this has covered Columbia/CBS (1986-1992), Virgin (1994-2007) and currently Polydor/UMG (2009 onward).
In general I find the more open sound and better contrast between sound on the Columbia discs preferable to either the Virgins and many feel the 2009/10 issue are too constantly loud.
Sticky Fingers
Exile On Main Street
Hot Stuff
Love You Live -  double album of Concerts recorded in Paris 1976/7 and Toronto 1976.
The cd used a double cd try of twice the thickness of a single which was normal until the mid 1990's.
Some Girls - with altered single tone album cover showing models compared to first issue colour cuts withdrawn after complaints from depicted persons.

Emotional Rescue
Tattoo You
Rewind - 1984 compilation reissued in 1987 covering hits from 1971-1984 issued to coincide with video anthology of the same title. This has a slightly different track list compared to the 1984 UK lp/tape.
Steel Wheels
While not perfect I feel these two of the 1994 Virgin remastered series have greater clarity and more 'snap'.
Goats Head Soup
It's Only Rock and Roll
Jump Start - 1993 Virgin compilation covering 1971 thru 1989.
Made In The Shade - 1975 ten track compilation from the first four 70's albums.
Sucking In The 70's -1981 compilation with remixes and unissued versions
Way back in the earliest days of cd, EMI had the European license and issued two titles before that changed in the mid 80's.
Undercover - 1985 made in Japan issue of the 1983 studio album.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Post 700

This blog seems very much to have been going for an eternity from the earliest days of literally grabbing all the material on a really old computer, typing at home and while for once we had some spare time at work over a few weeks, the works one too(!!!) which was a bit quicker.
Rather like me, it's been evolving over all that time as I began to try to understand what  made me, well me, how the more child-like side slotted in with the bits that deal with the adult world because with me this is less playing a role I can just click my fingers and be out of so much that it comes out of me from The Child Within.
It's seen me interact initially with people online in various forums and sometimes going through forums as I realized they were not really for me to getting to know people face to face, spending time with them for several days at a time.
In that time with support I have been working on some of my difficulties such as Math and English finding time to study, reading either by myself or  sometimes a shared book learning to discuss it with others.
As well, this time has seen me become more confident as this adult little/middle girl as I started to get that whole life working better with additional support and structures routed very much in meeting the child-like needs I have properly so I'm well grounded, learning to do more and be more responsible.
I have been tidying up this blog a little, correcting odd mistakes, changing the odd image while preparing a couple of new entries ready for the next hundred  editions.
At the more techy side only 49% of you use Windows with Chrome followed by Firefox being your preferred browsers showing just how far we've moved from the early days of blogging.
Here's to the enduring success of The World of Joanne_chan.